Driving Detroit combines the close living of the townhouse with the efficient organization and circulation of the parking garage. Interior and exterior green spaces offset the carbon footprint of the entire system over time. Alfred Street is extended across the I-375 highway, creating a direct line of traffic between Eastern Market and the M1 Rail. This helps connect local districts, as well as prime the north side of the site for commercial use.
Units and Ramps were derived from typology. Housing consists of single-unit affordable living spaces, as well as a 3-bedroom townhouse style  for families. The two styles were organized to improve airflow and lighting within the structure. The ramps were an application of multiple typological styles to try and accelerate interior circulation and  maximize flat exterior circulation for the housing.
Green Spaces help offset the carbon emissions of the vehicles and offset the carbon footprint the structure has. There is a nice mixture of public and private green spaces, coming in the form of parks, balcony gardens, and overgrowth.
Circulation is primarily about the car. External egress is at two  opposing corners of the site to accommodate foot traffic and emergencies. The first floor of the structure has commercial along Alfred and Brush Street. This engages the tenants with the street, and helps revitalize the surrounding area by bringing in local businesses.

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